North Carolina Association of Community College Facility Operations


fall-past-conf-meetingThe foundation of the association is its members. The association allows members to exchange ideas, resources, training and to act as mentors to each other. Each member strives to provide a comfortable environment, clean facilities, attractive grounds, a well-lit campus and pleasant surroundings for students, faculty, staff and visitors to their individual colleges. The environment is crucial to students trying to complete their educational objectives and to faculty who motivate and cultivate student minds. Each ACCFO member has the ability and foresight to provide modifications to the existing facilities to meet the growth of new and expanding programs, new technological upgrades and services to meet the current and future demands from the community.

Through ACCFO, there is a mutual professional learning and support system. Committed individuals experienced in maintaining facility operations can share their high standards. The importance of the facility is clear when one enters a campus facility. Modifications at each institution reflect the fulfillment of the college’s special needs and requirements, including accessibility to campus facilities for persons with disabilities. ACCFO members contribute their expertise to the design and construction of new buildings and to the modifications of existing structures. Their insight and experience are valuable resources as colleges enhance their campuses and facilities personnel contribute to the growth of the institution. ACCFO provides an opportunity to share information, experiences and knowledge with fellow members. In conjunction with other campus organizations, ACCFO also strives to assist colleges to meet their mission.

Communication between members is an important link in providing standard facility procedures within the college system. Your participation is a key factor in the success of the Association and its ability to make meaningful contributions to the individual colleges.

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